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Upcoming Shows

The Renegade Craft Fair
Fair Market
May 17-18th
We are thrilled to bring the Renegade Craft Fair back to Austin, TX on May 16 + 17, 2015! We are moving over to Austin’s East side to make Fair Market our new home. As always, we will feature a thoughtfully curated selection of today’s finest independent Makers. Attendees will partake in an exciting weekend of shopping handmade, participating in DIY workshops, and exploring installations and activities with some of the best indie Makers around.

The Renegade Craft Fair is free to attend. Hours are 11am-6pm. Sorry, but your adorable pets are not allowed. Fair Market is located on the East side of Austin, at 1100 East 5th Street. We encourage you to walk, bike or take public transportation to the Market. Parking is limited around the venue.
Julia Wycliff pays a visit to the Renegade Craft Fair, in Austin, Texas.
Slavonk & Hortus Terraria will be set with a "build your own" at their Terrarium Bar and other terrariums to purchase.
The Big Fake Wedding
Palm Door
October 22nd 
is a bridal show alternative complete with an emotional ceremony, a tasty dinner and a dance-party reception. "Wedding guests" are brides-and-grooms-to-be who get to truly experience the wedding vendors in action.
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.BUILD & BUBBLE. Thursday December 18th.


Build a terrarium with us! We're supplying this class with a little champagne to celebrate, as this is our first one at our new retail, at 11525 Manchaca Suite 102 Austin, Tx 78748. 

Come be merry, with Champagne and treats! 

What's included?

Choose to build a small, medium or large, with all our unique glasswares.

Class instruction, your choice of glassware, plants, sands, moss, crushed glass and shell, etc.

Care instructions also provided.


Join the fun Thursday, December 18th, 2014 at 7:00pm

Class is approximately an hour

 This class is an adult class only. Look forward to upcoming "kidshops" that are geared, specifically, for 13 and under.

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Slavonk & Hortus Gift Cards

Gift cards may be purchased and redeemed for:

Upcoming Classes, in the New Year, 2015 Schedule to be posted soon!

classes held at our new retail location at 11525 Manchaca Rd Suite 102

Deliveries: your gift card recipient may purchase an arrangement/terrarium, online, and have it sent straight to their door!

-weekdays are cheaper delivery rates, but weekends are also available, for an additional fee

Instore Purchases: 

-TERRARIUMS & PLANTERS: including tabletop terrariums, hanging gardens, hanging terrarium orbs, kokedama, cactus planters, succulent in found objects and revamped vintage vessels

-JEWELRY design by Pake. Designs with an old world, utilizing prized-vintage pieces, selected stones and druzys, with every piece unique and simple, you're sure to fall in love with at least five.

-POTTERY by Brenda Armistead of Granny Goodfish

-PILLOWS and textiles by Fandindo

-BOTTLE CHIMES made of revamped coke bottles by Austin Eddins

-DODECAHEDRON GEOMETRIC terrarium holders by Uli Fail


-VINTAGE chocolate box tins for DIY succulent planters

-AIRPLANTS decorate with these little soil-free plants

-TERRARIUM BAR create your own terrarium. Many unique glasswares, plants, colored sand, glass and shells to choose from. January gets a little grey, spice it up with this fun, colorful activity! 

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Store Opening October 15th

My crew and I have been working hard to get set up for October.

We're gearing up and have many great ideas to come for interior-botanical gifts and more.

Find an array of real, living terrariums, from the true and traditional enclosed style with frivolous ferns and mosses to the modern succulent designs and plenty of hanging, floating-pendulum plants.  

Expect great things. We have PAKE fine jewelry, in store. 

We'll be carrying Wally's Living Wall systems, available at our store in both preassembled and DIY fashion. ($20-150)

Fun planters that will please any gift-giving need and stay tuned for upcoming terrarium classes, a little plant and bubbly to celebrate!

There's also word of a DIY planter bar!!

More details on Opening Day, soon.





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Delivery Austin!!

One of my favorite parts of designing terrariums is delivering happiness!

Yesterday we delivered this enclosed tropical arrangement to a very lucky lady. 

The boyfriend purchased this terrarium for his girlfriend. He just had surgery and she had been taking care of him for the last few weeks. 

He wrote her very beautiful words, like "I hope this makes you smile and fills your eyes with grace".

My question is, why aren't there more of you doing this exact thing for your main lady?

 Hey ladies, men love terrariums too! The cool thing about terrariums is they can be customized to fit any occasion. How about a fun spin on the traditional with scenes created to look like mars, or the moon, a pirates treasure island or even the dino scene. 

If you'd like to customize any terrarium to a color scheme, that's also possible. Just call us to talk more about your ideas 888.272.6499. We look forward to the creativity!





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New Designs at Prima Dora

We love Prima Dora!

In fact, we're long overdue for delivery!

Check out these new designs for the store.

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Bottle up Zilker

Somedays I have all the creativity in the world and I, often times, get a bit high on it. Other times I just get antsy and want to go do something that inspires me; go play and forget about all life's responsibilities. As if simply having fun sparks creativity and overcoming obstacles, in adventure, gives the spirit something more to call interesting. 

Just like this scene. If you give yourself imagination to play and create worlds beyond where you are, currently, you've instantly improved your quality of life! Terrariums are an escape. Escape to a land of "never-ever water land", a land of peace. 

This scene, easily attracts your eye to the relaxing plant prints and fern design. A growing environment all on it's own, this enclosed terrarium only requires watering 3-6 months at a time. In the summer months, you may check to see if the condensation is visible on the glassware, due to the stronger rays of sun, the terrarium becomes more dry by evaporation. This style terrarium is great for offices without much light. An amazing way to bring the indoors in. Open the lid...on break...for a whiff of fresh air!

The pink plant you see in this design is a bloomer. She'll bloom pretty purple blooms that resemble salvia. 

Conditions for bloomers: make sure the temperature in your house/office/space is around 64-74 degrees and that the terrarium doesn't sit in direct sun. 

The cooler you keep your terrarium, the better it will grow and display. 

Special order this design by calling 888.272.6499 or look for more enclosed designs coming to Whole Foods in Austin, Houston & San Antonio, very soon! 

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Vaughn Bell, Suspended Terrariums

Vaughn Bell's new display showcases miniature green houses hanging from a ceiling. The eco-friendly display doesn't just make you aware of the green movement, it will put the environment directly on your consciousness by allowing you to stick your head in a suspended terrarium.

Vaughn Bell's work is one of many featured at the San Francisco Swarm Festival, which will showcase other work from artists such as Josh Keyes.

Implications - Customers in the modern sphere are looking to make purchases that benefit the well-being of the planet. Items that integrate a sustainable method of production into its manufacturing are appealing to consumers who want to be green-friendly without sacrificing anything. Designers could focus on this desire for more eco-conscious options to please more shoppers.  (http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/vaughn-bell-hanging-greenhouse)





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Ode to Green

Imagine the feeling you'd get in the middle of Ireland. Think clean, crisp air. Green is the color of nature, harmony, progress. Soothing to our nerves, it's no wonder people spend hundreds of dollars to keep their environment outside alive. The color green is associated with our heart, our cardiac plexus, the center of our emotion. Green evokes feeling. Back when we first inhabited the earth, we lived outdoors. We were, then, exposed to natural sunlight and our environment was nothing short of beautiful. We had time to study the veins in the leaves surrounding us, watching the nature of a bug passing by. We simply don't have time for these small wonders as we were allowed before.  Now we spend endless hours indoors, working to make our homes beautiful (whatever that means to us). The flow of light and energy in our homes is vital to our livelihood whether or not we recognize it. Picture driving out of the city, into the hill country, just to get a breath of fresh air. Or running to the Greenbelt, to surround ourselves with the healing outdoors. There we can breathe deeply and feel the weight of our problems and tensions ease up on us. There we feel light, happy. Everyday, invite green into your life. Wherever it may be.
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Spring Head Planters

Head Stone Planters make really neat additions to the patio.
What a fun way to display your plants this spring!

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