Delivery Austin!!

One of my favorite parts of designing terrariums is delivering happiness!

Yesterday we delivered this enclosed tropical arrangement to a very lucky lady. 

The boyfriend purchased this terrarium for his girlfriend. He just had surgery and she had been taking care of him for the last few weeks. 

He wrote her very beautiful words, like "I hope this makes you smile and fills your eyes with grace".

My question is, why aren't there more of you doing this exact thing for your main lady?

 Hey ladies, men love terrariums too! The cool thing about terrariums is they can be customized to fit any occasion. How about a fun spin on the traditional with scenes created to look like mars, or the moon, a pirates treasure island or even the dino scene. 

If you'd like to customize any terrarium to a color scheme, that's also possible. Just call us to talk more about your ideas 888.272.6499. We look forward to the creativity!





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