Terrarium Miniatures: Noch Your Scene / breathing clean air

Ode to Green

Imagine the feeling you'd get in the middle of Ireland. Think clean, crisp air. Green is the color of nature, harmony, progress. Soothing to our nerves, it's no wonder people spend hundreds of dollars to keep their environment outside alive. The color green is associated with our heart, our cardiac plexus, the center of our emotion. Green evokes feeling. Back when we first inhabited the earth, we lived outdoors. We were, then, exposed to natural sunlight and our environment was nothing short of beautiful. We had time to study the veins in the leaves surrounding us, watching the nature of a bug passing by. We simply don't have time for these small wonders as we were allowed before.  Now we spend endless hours indoors, working to make our homes beautiful (whatever that means to us). The flow of light and energy in our homes is vital to our livelihood whether or not we recognize it. Picture driving out of the city, into the hill country, just to get a breath of fresh air. Or running to the Greenbelt, to surround ourselves with the healing outdoors. There we can breathe deeply and feel the weight of our problems and tensions ease up on us. There we feel light, happy. Everyday, invite green into your life. Wherever it may be.
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