Terrarium Miniatures: Noch Your Scene / eco art

Vaughn Bell, Suspended Terrariums

Vaughn Bell's new display showcases miniature green houses hanging from a ceiling. The eco-friendly display doesn't just make you aware of the green movement, it will put the environment directly on your consciousness by allowing you to stick your head in a suspended terrarium.

Vaughn Bell's work is one of many featured at the San Francisco Swarm Festival, which will showcase other work from artists such as Josh Keyes.

Implications - Customers in the modern sphere are looking to make purchases that benefit the well-being of the planet. Items that integrate a sustainable method of production into its manufacturing are appealing to consumers who want to be green-friendly without sacrificing anything. Designers could focus on this desire for more eco-conscious options to please more shoppers.  (http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/vaughn-bell-hanging-greenhouse)





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