Terrarium Miniatures: Noch Your Scene / indirect sun

Bottle up Zilker

Somedays I have all the creativity in the world and I, often times, get a bit high on it. Other times I just get antsy and want to go do something that inspires me; go play and forget about all life's responsibilities. As if simply having fun sparks creativity and overcoming obstacles, in adventure, gives the spirit something more to call interesting. 

Just like this scene. If you give yourself imagination to play and create worlds beyond where you are, currently, you've instantly improved your quality of life! Terrariums are an escape. Escape to a land of "never-ever water land", a land of peace. 

This scene, easily attracts your eye to the relaxing plant prints and fern design. A growing environment all on it's own, this enclosed terrarium only requires watering 3-6 months at a time. In the summer months, you may check to see if the condensation is visible on the glassware, due to the stronger rays of sun, the terrarium becomes more dry by evaporation. This style terrarium is great for offices without much light. An amazing way to bring the indoors in. Open the lid...on break...for a whiff of fresh air!

The pink plant you see in this design is a bloomer. She'll bloom pretty purple blooms that resemble salvia. 

Conditions for bloomers: make sure the temperature in your house/office/space is around 64-74 degrees and that the terrarium doesn't sit in direct sun. 

The cooler you keep your terrarium, the better it will grow and display. 

Special order this design by calling 888.272.6499 or look for more enclosed designs coming to Whole Foods in Austin, Houston & San Antonio, very soon! 

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