Terrarium Miniatures: Noch Your Scene / terrarium class

Slavonk & Hortus Gift Cards

Gift cards may be purchased and redeemed for:

Upcoming Classes, in the New Year, 2015 Schedule to be posted soon!

classes held at our new retail location at 11525 Manchaca Rd Suite 102

Deliveries: your gift card recipient may purchase an arrangement/terrarium, online, and have it sent straight to their door!

-weekdays are cheaper delivery rates, but weekends are also available, for an additional fee

Instore Purchases: 

-TERRARIUMS & PLANTERS: including tabletop terrariums, hanging gardens, hanging terrarium orbs, kokedama, cactus planters, succulent in found objects and revamped vintage vessels

-JEWELRY design by Pake. Designs with an old world, utilizing prized-vintage pieces, selected stones and druzys, with every piece unique and simple, you're sure to fall in love with at least five.

-POTTERY by Brenda Armistead of Granny Goodfish

-PILLOWS and textiles by Fandindo

-BOTTLE CHIMES made of revamped coke bottles by Austin Eddins

-DODECAHEDRON GEOMETRIC terrarium holders by Uli Fail


-VINTAGE chocolate box tins for DIY succulent planters

-AIRPLANTS decorate with these little soil-free plants

-TERRARIUM BAR create your own terrarium. Many unique glasswares, plants, colored sand, glass and shells to choose from. January gets a little grey, spice it up with this fun, colorful activity! 

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Store Opening October 15th

My crew and I have been working hard to get set up for October.

We're gearing up and have many great ideas to come for interior-botanical gifts and more.

Find an array of real, living terrariums, from the true and traditional enclosed style with frivolous ferns and mosses to the modern succulent designs and plenty of hanging, floating-pendulum plants.  

Expect great things. We have PAKE fine jewelry, in store. 

We'll be carrying Wally's Living Wall systems, available at our store in both preassembled and DIY fashion. ($20-150)

Fun planters that will please any gift-giving need and stay tuned for upcoming terrarium classes, a little plant and bubbly to celebrate!

There's also word of a DIY planter bar!!

More details on Opening Day, soon.





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