Build with MOM: Featuring LeadHead ' Wardian Cases

Slavonk & Hortus Terraria

$ 98.00

  •  A forerunner to the terrarium, Wardian cases were coveted in the mid-1800s to transport their chosen indigenous plant-life to the Americas from England.

    Bring mom and join us in building a Londonesque indoor-gardening vessel. We'll dig back in time to the Victorian orchid thieves and plant hunters who brought home exotic ferns and fragile flowers. Capture and expose the extended life of your own choice plants with these pretty homes built for indoor adoration.

    Pick the Wardian style you like best below and in class, we'll build with a choice of select tropicals, ferns, tropicals, orchids and violets. 

    Our Wardian Cases are handbuilt by LeadHead. Derek & Chad of LeadHead reclaim demolished homes of Detroit and rebuild/repurpose glass and wood.

    The class is held at Slavonk & Hortus' Studio in South Austin May 7th at 1pm!"

    Take home your designed Wardian Case with care-instructions, we'll discuss the history of terrariums and optional, choose to purchase a mister and pruning shears for upkeep. 

    Tea and cookies will be served! Pinky up!



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